Services for Individuals & Families

Our goal is to solve your wealth management challenges. Whether it's growing or preserving your wealth, planning for retirement, charitable giving or legacy planning, we are ready to help you define your goals—and make sure you achieve them.

Benefits of Private Investment Advisory Services

Investors with complex wealth and investment management needs may wish to consider the benefits of working with a dedicated portfolio manager within our Private Advisory Group. As we build a relationship with you, we will deliver:

  • A dedicated wealth plan targeted to each client's unique needs
  • A collaborative investment process focused on identifying your financial goals and then constructing an investment portfolio to help you pursue those goals
  • A custom portfolio built with individual securities for greater transparency, liquidity and cost efficiency
  • Professional investment guidance from a seasoned portfolio manager
  • Direct access to investment specialists (quantitative, fundamental and asset allocation analysts) to keep you abreast of meaningful market shifts and/or portfolio developments
  • A willingness to work in concert with your estate attorney, financial advisor or tax accountant
  • A robust wealth planning tool, Boston Advisors Beacon, which offers an aggregated, comprehensive picture of your financial portfolio, along with planning tools and reporting

Your portfolio manager will harness all the firm's resources — wealth planning tools, investment experience, and proprietary research — to build and manage your custom wealth plan. We take great care in listening to you so that we understand your short- and long-term goals and objectives. And, you don't have to have all the answers. Where things are undefined, we will ask questions to help give them shape. This information enables us to structure an investment portfolio that is designed for your financial wellbeing (and won't keep you up at night).

Services for Small Businesses and Organizations

Our Private Advisory Group also serves small businesses, foundations, endowments and charitable organizations. We work closely with your organization's investment committee and/or board of directors to define your organization's investment goals, restrictions and tax considerations, as well as any distribution parameters. Based on this information, we will develop a customized Investment Policy Statement to formalize your plan.

Once the plan meets your approval, we implement it using individual securities. You will benefit from ongoing portfolio monitoring, quarterly client reports and direct access to your portfolio manager.

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