Capabilities for Investors

At our core, we're investment managers, and we've been providing investment expertise to our clients for more than thirty years. Combined with our suite of wealth planning tools and resources, we provide the total package to our clients.

The Private Advisory Group collaborates with all segments of Boston Advisors'. We partner with our institutional team in every major asset class to deliver bespoke portfolio solutions that meet the needs of individual investors and smaller institutions.

Wealth Planning

Let us work with you to discover your short and long-term goals, expenses, assets, and understand your full financial picture. Here we will use Boston Advisors Beacon to assist us in better understanding where we are—and where we're going.

Investment Management

Once your wealth management needs and goals have been defined, we move into the custom portfolio management process which includes:

  • A custom asset allocation strategy to serve as a blueprint for investing across different asset classes
  • An investment portfolio recommendation that reflects your capital preservation and growth targets, as well as your comfort level with risk and volatility
  • Implementation of your investment plan using a combination of individual securities, which may include bonds, stocks, Boston Advisors' Equity Strategies, and/or exchange traded funds (ETFs)

Equity Strategies

In addition to our custom, investment portfolio management services, we also offer investors access to four institutional-style equity strategies that are managed with the affluent investor in mind. One or more of these strategies may make sense for the equity allocation of your investment portfolio.

S&P 500®Index
Dividend-focused companies that have demonstrated the ability and commitment to grow dividends over time
S&P 500®Index
Income-producing companies that pay current dividends and show potential for capital appreciation
Russell 3000 Index
Companies that offer longer-term, above-average appreciation prospects and attractive valuations
S&P 500® Index
U.S. companies dedicated to consistently paying larger-than-average dividends

Client Relationships

Last but certainly not least, as a Private Advisory Group client, we want to get to know you, your family and your advisors so that we can provide the most comprehensive service.

Each client will have access to Beacon, and will receive quarterly reports via mail and in the Vault (for those who opt-in). You will also receive periodic market update emails from our subject matter experts which include our views on the current market and economic climate, and how that may impact your portfolio.

Finally, you will have regular reviews with your dedicated portfolio manager, to discuss portfolio performance, decisions made during the period, thoughts on the markets and steps to ensure you stay on track to meet your long-term goals.

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