Capabilities for Institutions

Boston Advisors offers a wide array of strategies to meet the specific needs of our institutional investors. These strategies can provide targeted exposure to certain asset classes and investment styles, or embrace multiple asset classes. Our aim is to deliver solutions that are designed to meet your objectives.

Equity Strategies

We offer eight U.S. and international equity strategies to our institutional clients


Large Cap Growth Strategy

Product ProfileStrategy Commentary
Russell 1000 Growth

Large Cap Value Strategy

Strategy Commentary
Russell 1000 Value

Large Cap Core Strategy

Product Profile
S&P 500® Index

Small Cap Growth Strategy

Product Profile
Russell 2000 Growth

Small Cap Value Strategy

Product Profile
Russell 2000 Value
Small Cap Core Strategy
Product Profile
Russell 2000
International ADR Equity Strategy
Product Profile
FTSE All-World ex US
International Equity Strategy
Product Profile
FTSE All-World ex US

Asset Allocation Strategies

The need for a disciplined approach toward non-traditional asset classes has helped fuel the recent growth of strategic asset allocation strategies. Boston Advisors Dynamic Risk Parity Strategy invests in a broad range of asset classes, including domestic and international equity, commodities, currencies, taxable and tax-exempt fixed income, high yield debt and inflation-protected securities. The investment team primarily employs exchange traded products to gain exposure to these various asset classes.

Starting from a risk parity allocation—portfolio weights derived from equalizing the risk contributions from each asset class—the strategy adjusts the positioning based on a quantitative process. This approach aims to determine when to overweight "risk" assets versus "non-risk" assets, and vice versa.

Socially Responsible and Faith-Based Strategies

We understand the standards values-based organizations hold themselves to and the care needed to incorporate these standards into an investment portfolio. We manage a range of investment strategies, all of which can be tailored to meet socially responsible and/or faith-based investment guidelines. We focus on understanding your unique set of goals and values so that we may apply screens and build portfolios that reflect your vision for your organization's assets.

For Catholic organizations, the investment portfolios we construct are designed to comply with the guidelines published by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). We can further customize investments to address other activity to be included or excluded, based on your local preferences and guidelines.

In 2011, we formed a strategic alliance with the Knights of Columbus Inc., a leading Catholic organization. Boston Advisors currently manages assets for the Knights' general account, charitable arm and pension fund.

Boston Advisors is also the equity sub advisor for four of the Knights of Columbus Funds, a family of USCCB-screened mutual funds.

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