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Beacon is a suite of award-winning, advanced web-based wealth planning tools that offer an aggregated, comprehensive view of a client's financial portfolio. The features and functions of Beacon enable our Private Advisory Group to provide more complete planning to meet each client's unique needs.

Within Beacon, you will find:

Planning & Reporting: Beacon facilitates the input of planning scenarios and data to develop one of the most cutting edge reports in the industry. Because data is updated on a daily basis, the tools and reports are current and up to date with any changes as well, enabling a more accurate and fluid plan.

Account Aggregation: Beacon allows Boston Advisors clients to view all of their financial accounts, across multiple custodians, in one location. The linked accounts update every night, providing a current balance of your net worth at any given point.

The Vault: In this secure location within Beacon, you can store wills, trusts, and other important documents, and it serves as one location for you to access all of your reports from Boston Advisors.

Please contact us if you'd like to inquire about this product we offer to our clients.

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